Most inspections recommend maintenance or the repair of minor Imperfections in the structure.  A home inspection will expose any major defects or structural hazards.  It is important for the seller or buyer to be aware of any safety hazards.  Some issues could keep the structure from being occupied, or not be acceptable for mortgage financing, or hinder insurance.  It is important to be aware of any minor defects that over time could lead to major structural issues.


A  complete home inspection helps the prospective buyer by:

  • reducing the purchase risk.
  • having a structural education makes for a more informed buying decision.
  • helps the buyer to  know what needs repair, when the repairs should be completed, and an idea of costs for repair.



Home inspection help sellers through:

  • uncovering potential issues with the structure.
  • permitting the seller to make repairs ahead of the listing.
  • alerts the seller of any safety issues before the listing.
  • reduces seller liability for the sale.